FXDX Rewards provide incentives for long term holders with minimal supply inflation, these rewards come in the form of Escrowed FXDX and Multiplier Points.

Staking Multiplier Points vs Claiming

There are two options for rewards on "Stake Multiplier Points" and "Claim".
Staking Multiplier Points will stake your pending Multiplier Points and this will increase the amount of rewards you receive.
Claiming will transfer any pending Escrowed FXDX rewards and ALGO rewards to your wallet.
If you stake your Escrowed FXDX tokens, you can unstake them for vesting at anytime later on.

Escrowed FXDX

Escrowed FXDX can be used in two ways:
  1. 1.
    Staked for rewards similar to regular FXDX tokens
  2. 2.
    Vested to become actual FXDX tokens over a period of one year
Each staked Escrowed FXDX asset will earn the same amount of Escrowed FXDX and ALGO rewards as a regular FXDX asset.
Note that Escrowed FXDX (esFXDX) is not meant to be transferrable. The amount of FXDX or FLP required to vest esFXDX is unique per account and capped to the rewards received by that account.


Escrowed FXDX (esFXDX) assets can be converted into FXDX assets through vesting, this can be accessed on the Earn page.
When vesting is initiated, the average amount of FXDX or FLP assets that was used to earn the esFXDX rewards will be reserved.
For example, if you staked 1000 FXDX and earned 100 esFXDX assets, then to vest 100 esFXDX assets, 1000 FXDX tokens will be reserved. To vest 50 esFXDX, 500 FXDX assets will be reserved. Note that this is an example and the actual ratio depends on the average staked amount and rewards earned for your account.
esFXDX assets that have been unstaked and deposited for vesting will not earn rewards. Staked assets that are reserved for vesting will continue to earn rewards.
After initiating vesting, the esFXDX tokens will be converted into FXDX every second and will fully vest over 365 days. esFXDX assets that have been converted into FXDX are claimable at anytime.
If a user sells FXDX or FLP tokens and would like to vest their esFXDX rewards later on, they would need to re-buy the FXDX or FLP assets. FXDX, esFXDX and Multiplier Points can be used interchangeably for the required reserve amount.
Depositing into the vesting vault while existing vesting is ongoing is supported.
Assets that are reserved for vesting cannot be unstaked or sold. To unreserve the tokens, use the "Withdraw" button on the Earn page. Partial withdrawals are not supported, so withdrawing will withdraw and unreserve all assets as well as pause vesting. All esFXDX assets that had been vested into FXDX will remain as FXDX assets.

Multiplier Points

Multiplier Points reward long term holders without inflation.
When you stake FXDX, you receive Multiplier Points every second at a fixed rate of 100% APR. 1000 FXDX staked for one year would earn 1000 Multiplier Points.
Multiplier points can be staked for fee rewards by pressing the "Stake Multiplier Points" button on the Earn page, each multiplier point will earn the same amount of ALGO rewards as a regular FXDX asset.
When FXDX or Escrowed FXDX assets are unstaked, the proportional amount of Multiplier Points are burnt. For example, if 1000 FXDX is staked and 500 Multiplier Points have been earned so far, then unstaking 300 FXDX would burn 150 (300 / 1000 * 500) Multiplier Points. The burn will apply to the total amount of Multiplier Points which includes both staked and unstaked Multiplier Points.
Since Multiplier Points can only be acquired with time they are also a useful way to provide bonus benefits to long term holders, the specifics of these benefits will be released at a later time.
The "Boost Percentage" shown on the Earn page shows your individual boost amount from Multiplier Points. For example, if the ALGO APR is 10% and you have $10,000 worth of FXDX and esFXDX, then your rewards would be $1000 annualized, if you additionally have an amount of Multiplier Points equivalent to 20% of your total amount of FXDX and Escrowed FXDX, your "Boost Percentage" would display as 20%, and you would get an extra $200 of ETH rewards annualized.