Project Motivation
Blockchain technology has opened the floodgates to rapid innovation, particularly in the Decentralized Finance (DeFi) space. The subsequent markets spawned by DeFi, are expected to grow significantly. β€Œ
Derivative markets that use decentralized exchanges (DEXs) have a lot more room to grow as they're less evolved than spot markets. Transparency and openness of the blockchain ecosystem will drive high growth to derivative markets as well. β€Œ
At its core, fxdx aims to build a robust and scalable decentralized derivatives trading platform. We have identified a clear, well-defined opportunity to improve the decentralized financial system. This is achieved by adding a layer of transaction and execution of high-performance financial products. Which could potentially outperform relatively slow cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, and general-purpose smart contract products.
The platform we envision will open the doors to a more accessible financial system, which is fair and open to anyone. We see the potential of a global, permit-free market that can improve what is available today. As well as, fundamentally update how we develop new economic tools to deliver better results for everyone.
We are building the platform to respond to the centralization and inequality issues within the current financial markets. While also enabling experimentation with currencies and financial products. It is truly a pleasure to introduce fxdx protocol.

Revenue Model

The protocol can potentially generate revenue by charging a protocol fee, implemented as a % of collateral supplied by users to mint derivatives. Additional fee mechanisms may be added in the future.
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